Sunday, 28 August 2011

I may not have posted a blog for a while, but I certainly haven't been out of touch with the internet. In fact, I probably spend a little too much time checking my emails. There is a good reason for this though. I have sent numerous emails to try and get some work experience after Knives Forks and Spoons.

I spent last week in charge. Alec deservedly felt that he was in need of a holiday. It's not as though he left the country, or even the house, but he did leave the garage. I tended to emails, typeset a few chapbooks and helped Michael Wilson. He came to take the poems he had written and place them on some constellations which Alec had edited to look like a compass. I soon got the hang of placing individual words on each point. We made two in the two days Michael spent with us and, I have to say, they look pretty good. We plan on having our friends at United Christian Marketing helping us to produce them.

I have spent a great deal of time emailing different PR companies for work experience. This is proving tough. I was getting little to no response from almost everyone. This was until I decided to chase up two companies which I would love to work with. One encouraged me to continue and I received a follow-up email asking for my CV for future reference, the other assured me that my details would be circulated to the right people if an opportunity was to arise.

I'm learning to put myself out there. It was suggested that perhaps I didn't have enough experience to take on a proper role. I took the opportunity to point out that nobody will have experience if it is unobtainable. I felt as though I may have overstepped the mark a bit, but it generated more of a positive outcome than I expected. After all, I stuck my neck out to ask Alec for advice and we know what happened there.

In other news, my room is receiving a much needed make-over. I worked out that it hadn't been done for seven years. The wallpaper was getting tatty with blu-tac marks, posters covering rips and my ceiling was starting to peel. I would even say it started to feel unclean, no matter how much we mopped and dusted. Time for a change.

I took the initiative to remove all my posters and asked Dad to fetch the steam stripper from the attic. Previously, he had been reluctant to do my bedroom. I wanted all the paper stripping right back to get rid of the rips and it seemed like a big job. However, within ten minutes, he was beside me scraping away at the main wall. I don't actually have a huge amount of wall space, due to fitted furniture, doors to the central heating cupboard and a large window. It still took us six hours to completely strip everything down. I was surprised to uncover a striking yellow wall, it looked as though someone had coloured it with a highlighter!

I picked out some paper for the main wall. It seemed as though I could have flowers, stripes or just plain colour. I struggled to find something which seemed to incorporate me.  

I found this paper online at O'Neills. It is covertly flowery. I didn't realise, until I saw it in the shop, that the silver is embossed and there are elements of glitter on the leaves. You certainly can't tell that there are droplets of silver on the background which glint in the light. Originally, we purchased the purple version to try and maintain my current bedding and curtains but they seemed mismatched, feature wall is back to blue!

I love it =] 

A few weeks ago, we made our first trip back to Manchester on a night out. It was a belated, rescheduled Graduation celebration. It was almost cancelled again. The riots in Manchester, London and elsewhere in the UK drew the cities to a standstill. The public had to regroup and work together to bring their hometowns back up to scratch. This threatened a meeting with Hayley and Abi in the city as well as the night out on the following day. Luckily, they only lasted one night in Manchester. It took a bit of convincing to reinstate the day out. Hayley was reluctant at first but it seemed as though danger had passed. 

On the day, the city was bustling as usual. There were a few boarded up windows with 'Open as Usual' scrawled across them. Abi, Hayley and I met in the Print Works in Old Orleans. I can't say I'd ever been in there before. We bought a sharing starter which was a little pricey and non-alcoholic cocktails. I discovered a liking for BBQ ribs whilst we caught up together. We spent the rest of the day wandering the shops on Market Street and the Arndale. Abi lead us to our customary hot chocolates in Waterstones and I introduced them to Pulp, where Abi bought a Newbreed t-shirt and signed up for a points card on her first visit! Mission accomplished. We also went into Afflecks Palace where Hayley bought some coloured hair pieces. We sat on Piccadilly Gardens so that Abi could put the pieces in for her. Moon Under The Water was where we met Tom and had tea. We turned to pitchers and shared two between us all, it was a great way to end the day. 

The following night began where the previous had left off... After work, I traveled back to town with Andy and Adele. Moon was only slightly quieter than usual and Venue lived up to our expectations. However, I am well out of practice! I was so tired! We are definitely going to have to maintain these nights out to make sure that we can keep staying out til gone 4. 

There isn't much opportunity to get out during the week. However, Tom had two consecutive Thursdays off. We spent them mooching back in Manchester and in Bolton. The latter was cut short a little when I (or my Tesco discount card) was required back in Walkden so that Alex could purchase a laptop for Uni. From the electronics desk we stepped over to the phone shop so that I could enter into a contract with a Samsung Galaxy S II. Good day. 

I can now check my emails even more often than I did before... I can send more than I have already... New week starts tomorrow and I'll be at it again!