Sunday, 16 October 2011

I'm no technophobic!

I can't be. Why? Because if I was, my Dad wouldn't have been able to update his iPhone. I am presently completing this task.

I have grown used to being introduced to new software and technology. We have to pick it up fast, before paper and ink go out of fashion. Some people even complain that they have become more accustomed to typing than writing.

It was a bit of a phase to send 'e-cards' a few years ago, now we get a funky pigeon to typeset birthday cards for us. So far, I have only received one card such as this, it scared me a little to open the envelope to be confronted by my own face. I still have the card.

Despite the influx of electronics, I discovered yesterday that traditional methods aren't quite dead. I will soon be the proud owner of a stitched picture, courtesy of Adele. She injected a little of her job at a craft shop to personalise a gift for me.

My own job prospects are changing at the moment. I have left Knives Forks and Spoons in pursuit of a new venture. It spouted from being encouraged by Alec to read 'Put Your Mindset To Work'. It's written by James Reed.The book introduced the concept of a mindset in a three dimensional way. It splits the mind into categories. Global Good and Grit. It helps you to assess the type of person/worker you are and helps you to improve in weak areas.

I used bits of what I learnt to help me write my CV. I signed up to Reed Recruitment job alerts and responded to their call for an intern. I was contacted by Charlene who had picked out my CV and forwarded it to the King St office in Manchester.

I recently got a new contract phone from work. This meant changing my number so that Mum could keep my old Sony Ericsson. This was the number which Reed had on my CV. They contacted me via that phone which lay dead in Mum's handbag on a day we chose to travel by bus to Manchester. Ironically, I was standing on King Street when they phoned.

Reed were interested in me! I was given an interview slot and found my way to the office within the week. It was my first interview situation since Tesco in 2006. I was nervous but able to communicate well as they sounded me out.

In 'Put Your Mindset To Work' they encourage you to take an online psychometric test. It gives you a very precise analysis of your character based on your combination of answers. I took this test when I read the book purely out of interest. Reed emailed me, on the day following my interview, to ask for the test results. I was given the option to take a fresh go at the test or, because I had previously logged in, send my existing profile. I chose to send the original test because I felt that, although I may not realise it, I could bias the results without intending to. This seemed to work.

Charlene called on Monday to give me the internship. It starts tomorrow!

In other news, it's my birthday this week. I held a party at my house last night which was deemed a college reunion =]. Between 15-20 friends came. This included Hayley and also Stef! Stef and I worked out that we hadn't seen each other in nearly a year. It was great to catch up with so many people in one night!

This week:

Internship starts
I turn 22
Tom and I go to see Peter Kay in Manchester.

It's looking like fun!