Monday, 12 December 2011


Once again there has been a considerable amount of time between posts on my blog. This can only mean one thing - I've been busy!

Doing what? 

I have resumed a packed lifestyle working in Manchester and spending 2hrs+ per day on buses. I love (and will miss) having that all important sense of purpose, a reason to get up in the morning. At uni I could sleep in til 10.30am and think I had done well to get up earlier than fellow house mates. Now, I can hardly make it to 9am. This is mainly due to the fact that (depending on where I am) I have to get a bus anywhere between 7.30am and 8.40. If I have spent the night at Toms', it generally means a bit of a slog on the Barton Stretch and we have to allow for that. From my house it's a bit easier. 

I still work at Tesco on the weekends. Fortnightly I do both days. This means a stretch of 13 days between one day off and the next. At first it was tough but I'm getting used to it. We try to make sure that we do something on that one day. We went to Botany Bay for the first time in years, since I was young enough to spend time in Puddletown Pirates, and enjoyed a 'mooch'. I love this activity. Set out in a similar style to Afflecks Palace, there are lots of separate shops full of bits and pieces to browse through and they are spread across quite a few floors!

We have also traveled to Blackburn - visiting Toms' Nan and wandering round the town with his 2 year old niece. I enjoy going to new places and just taking in fresh sights. Most shopping centre's house the same high street names but there's always something which sets them apart. Two weeks ago, at Golden Square in Warrington, there was a festive fair. It consisted of an enclosed marquee with lots of stalls. I found a brooch which encompassed three of my favourite components - a Silver Owl with Purple flecks.

I think I may have traits of a magpie.

Reed is flying by. Saturday night was the Christmas do. It really sprang out of nowhere. Like many events it was weeks away, then it was the following day.. I met Alice and Briony in Kro bar, I had a relatively nice surprise in there - I took a fiver to the bar thinking I may need to delve deeper into my purse but I came away with a bit of change. Oh, and an archers with lemonade. I always seem to stick with the safe option.

Not one for sitting round a table doing nothing, I decided to stick my neck out a bit. The intern from HR was sitting opposite me and we were comparing head gear (Alice bands with extended bobbly bits on the end) I joined her and found myself encouraging us to dance!

She introduced me to Amaretto and Coke and we wandered between our colleagues having a laugh. For some reason, Mark decided to challenge myself and the other intern to dance on a table. So determined was he that I would not do it, I decided to humor him. Albeit for one moment, I was up on the table, my mission was simply to surprise.

All in all it was a good night!

I got in a taxi with Briony to her flat, the plan was to catch the bus round the corner except, almost two hours after I left the party, I was still waiting at the stop. I stood with my hands buried in my pockets, only one layer beneath the winter jacket which still allowed biting wind to rub shoulders with me.

I saw one '67 go past to begin with and joked that I could have gotten on it to see Tom. An hour and a half later - no 39's - another '67. I felt terrible but I had to phone Tom at gone 2am to ask permission to divert to Cadishead.

In bed that night I shivered more than I ever have before and I don't think it helped my cold particularly but at the same time, I don't feel that it made it any worse. Hopefully I'll see the back of it in the next few days.

Events will take me back to Cadishead via the Trafford Centre on Wednesday and to a birthday celebration in town on Saturday night. So far, Sunday is undecided but I'm off work so it's all good!