Sunday, 25 November 2012

Extraordinarily Routine

Routine is well and truly embedded within my life at the moment. Monday to Friday, leave the house at 8.15am and return at 6pm. It never seems long before 7.30pm comes around and usually we've already been shrouded in darkness since around 4pm. I notice these things every day even though it does seem that each one goes by faster and faster.

I am currently at home and my weekend is nearly over already. It's the 25th of November and with exactly one month to go before Christmas, I have already purchased the majority of the Christmas presents for my friends.

The great shopping trip started in Warrington one night after work and continued into Manchester, The Trafford Centre, Bolton, Bents Garden Centre, Wigan and even Tatton Park. I have enjoyed the hunt for presents, the search for something special, something personal which I just know my friends will love. The best bit is when you know you've discovered something extraordinary.

Only the parents have yet to be ticked off the mental list. Dad has got himself an iPad and treated Mum to a Kindle Fire. I was planning on getting Dad a case for his tablet but he got one combined in the price of his iPad. Back to square one. Mum's always difficult to buy for and so is Alex. The challenge is still on for family but I have longer to complete it.

The Randomers Christmas Do is next Saturday, this follows the work Christmas party on Friday, It's going to be one hectic weekend but luckily, pay day strikes too and it's the end of a 5 week wait for wages. Sounds good so far. The week ahead may also deliver a Kindle Fire HD but this time it's for me!

Work decided to give the operations section of the business an incentive to work hard. It was voted that a handful of people would receive a technology gift of their choice to the value of £100. I couldn't believe it when I actually managed to win one!

For some time I had been lamenting that my love of reading was falling by the wayside. It always seemed that there wasn't much time for it somehow. It was taking me months to read a book which at one time would have lasted me just one week. With my new Kindle, I hope to be able to dispel this habit because it will afford me the ability to read on the move without bent covers and dog-eared pages. I am especially pleased with the prize, not just because of the nature of it, because when my name was drawn and before it was voiced, the finance manager smiled and said 'she really deserves this'. Those words mean more to me than winning.

So, even though the everyday is nothing to shout about, it just goes to show that working hard pays off and your life is as good as you make it. It's been over a year since I finished uni and, even though it's been tough here and there, I feel that I am building something to be proud of by getting the experiences I need.

(and there are a few people I can thank for that!)