Thursday, 21 April 2011

We Have All The Time In The World

   I’ve finally got the chance to write about the last few days. It’s been so busy that I haven’t had time to sit and reflect upon it so I shall catch up now. I will probably write two, or even three blogs so that it doesn’t consist of a 2,000 word essay in one go! The blog title comes from a song which Rachel loves and she played it for me in Florence on our ride.

   Monday began my second full week at home on the Easter Holidays. For third years', they should last forever in terms of not having to go back to university for anything other than deadlines and Graduation. So fingers crossed! On Monday, I wrote my blog about the 30 Seconds to Mars song, and whilst doing that I found myself on Facebook as usual. Rachel should have been revising but, instead, she fancied a drive. I was only reading through essays so we arranged to go for a ride out to Hollingworth Lake. This is where we went to experiment with cameras for Media four years ago!

   I got picked up mid afternoon and had to answer Rachel’s phone as we were riding through Swinton because Andy had decided he wanted to meet us. However, he had managed to get lost. We had no idea where he had ended up, but whilst he was on the phone beside his motorbike, some bikers stopped and took him to ‘Broughton Pool’. I thought there was only one pool in the area so considered that it would be simple to find him now. Except the bikers took him to the ‘Fit City’ - it was the leisure centre WITHOUT a pool.

   When we finally met up, Rachel led Andy to the motorway giving him plenty of distance so that there wouldn’t be an accident if she had to break suddenly. We passed a woman on a manual bike towing a cart. She had two children in it and a baby in a car seat! I’m not sure why we trusted him but Andy insisted that, when we were on the motorway, he would know the way and that we should follow him. Of course, when we found ourselves on the road into Rochdale and Andy looked to be slightly confused, we knew then that we were lost. We had to continue in a queue down a main stretch and turn around in a college car park. Needless to say, we didn’t get to the lake.

   Time was getting on and Andy was supposed to be home for seven to let Adele into the flat. So we made our way home via The Rock in Bury and waited in the flat to go for tea at The Cock Hotel in Worsley. This was the second time I had been to the flat.

   On the previous Friday, a few of us were invited round to Andy and Adele’s for an unofficial housewarming. The flat is very close to where my parents had their first home in Walkden. It’s on the ground floor and adapted for disabled access. The corridor is therefore quite wide past a spacious bathroom on the left, large bedroom to the right and a second bedroom at the end. The living space and kitchen are together on the right as you walk in the front door. I thought the kitchen was relatively small but they had managed to feed four for two nights previously so perhaps it is deceptive!  

   Rachel brought Tom just after I had arrived and they went on a mini tour. Soon we were all chatting in the living room, we played cards for the first time in ages and proceeded to play ‘Spin the Bottle’ with my Blue WKD. We have a bit of an issue thinking up truths and dares sometimes, so Andy used his new phone to find an Android app for it. We tried a few which involved Tom drinking Olive Oil and Rachel answering rather personal questions! This lasted right up until the end of the night but we had a good time and I’m sure there will be more!

World In Motion

   I was asked by Dan to come back to college today. He was filming for his university project and needed some extras to assist. I met Adele at my bus stop and we jumped on a 37, this was the first time I’ve been able to travel with her. I even forgot to ring Rachel when we got to Swinton because I was too busy talking!

   Outside college, we waited for the two actors. One came from Wigan and the other from Liverpool! The character of 'Ron' had gotten slightly lost but came in due time. It felt really strange walking into college after three years because not a huge amount had changed. Where we used to sit, in the (‘Randomer’) corner of the lobby, they had installed a cash machine!

   We headed to the newer part of college which was outside and through the quad. A few current students stared because we had visitor badges clasped on our pockets. Everyone congregated in the studio where we had filmed our A2 music videos. I was designated to look after the clapperboard and a piece of chalk. Every time there was a new scene and take, I had to mark it on and ‘clap’ before the camera. It would help Adam to edit later on. There came a point when 'Ron' had to rap ‘World in Motion’ by New Order. We were pre warned not to laugh and never made a peep! All considering that it was a middle aged man in a suit from Liverpool doing it, but it really fitted the character. I think it took about six or seven takes to get the words the right way round!

   We were afforded half an hour to get lunch from the canteen. We always used to get the chicken burgers once a week so it seemed only right that we bought them today. I don’t think the woman serving recognised us though! Again, it was quite nostalgic to be eating in college; I kept my eyes open for my brother or cousin but didn’t see them. I had hoped to see my old Film Studies Tutor too. So when Dan and Damon returned from lunch having spoken to him, I was annoyed. This wasn't for long though because he came down to see Adele and I, so we went and spoke to him in the corridor. I’m hoping that I can persuade him to write a blog because the world is missing the outlandish personality that is Ben!

   After filming, I was supposed to fetch Tom from The Trafford Centre but it was an hour or more too early. So, when we returned to the flat this time, we picked up Andy and drove to the shopping mall. This was after scouting clothes from my house for filming the next day. Tom had been asked for a drink by his workmates so the three girls went shopping and Andy joined Tom ASAP.
   I wanted to find something new for Sarah’s meal on Wednesday. Rachel and Adele were sorted in H&M but it wasn’t as simple for me. I only bought a blue hoody. We made it all the way to Debenhams before I was finally spoilt for choice by two tops and one dress in ‘Butterfly’. Much deliberation followed and I finally came away with the simple navy blue dress with sequin detail just on the shoulder. On the way back, I returned the blue hoody to H&M because a tag hadn’t been removed and I was left red faced every time we entered any other store!     

Sarah's Homecoming Meal


   I had stayed the night at Toms' house and we were needed ‘on set’ for 1pm. Today we went to Jess’s house via Salford Precinct for food and a pair of leggings. We walked from the Precinct to drop clothes at the house before heading to the Salford University halls of residence at Castle Irwell. It was really warm and I appreciated the cooling spray which Jess shot up my back! Despite applying sun cream, I later discovered my first patch of sunburn in 2011.

   On the field, Tom was asked to shoot penalties with Dan whilst they filmed in the foreground. I chilled (not literally, unfortunately) by the bags and equipment with Adam. We watched as 'Ron' had to strip out of the suit down to his t-shirt and shorts in an attempt to impress 'Louise.'  I wasn’t expecting this to happen so I was quite surprised. Things seemed to flow easier today and shooting was over relatively quickly despite the sirens, music and lawnmowers that interrupted the sound. These will be layered by a wild track which Sam recorded when things quietened down.
   Later in the afternoon, we took a taxi to the Renaissance Hotel in town and headed towards The Moon under the Water on Deansgate. Sarah had phoned me during my last break at work on Saturday to tell me that she was on her way home for ten days. She has a yearlong placement split between Germany and Spain as part of her university course. She has many plans to fulfil in that short time so we arranged to go for a meal on the following Wednesday.

   We had to wait until seven for Adele to arrive after work. Sarah has a long history of showing up to arrangements over an hour late so, when she was at the train station early, and she arrived at six instead of seven, we were shocked!
   It was customary to begin the drinks with a pitcher of Cheeky V because it’s one of Sarah’s favourites and we finished it quickly. She was poking me throughout my tea to go and buy another one! We tried three cocktails in the end – Cheeky V, Black Magic and Blue Lagoon. Black Magic is actually pink, but I really enjoyed it and will be having it again! We took plenty of pictures and, as I’m writing this on Word because my Internet is down, I haven’t seen them just yet!

Monday, 18 April 2011


This song by One Night Only reminds me of a decent period last year in the most ironic of places. I was having a tough time at uni and the only day of the week when I wasn't fretting about it was Saturday. At the moment I work weekends until my deadlines are over and I can find more hours whilst searching for 'a proper job'. I spent a year in the bakery where I enjoyed my job and made some good friends.

The second album from One Night Only came out towards the end of the temporary store. I remember because I used to hear them in the car on the way and hum the songs to myself whilst I stocked up our little aisle at the back. Occasionally I would be caught singing and would proceed to be rather embarrassed. I enjoyed the company and it certainly helped through a time when I felt quite lonely.

This year, I want another positive effect on my life over the summer. I am very keen to start eating properly. In the second year of uni, I was often eating alone and this instilled an attitude where I didn't bother to provide proper meals just for myself. Third year saw three of us sharing food which resulted in a cause to buy decent provisions for the same amount of money, sometimes it was cheaper!

I don't really eat beyond my means. Feeling fit to burst is exactly the opposite of what I want. We have relative sized plates to the amount of food we need which disperses the mental need to fill the plate. I like to take the healthy option but, like everyone, I have my temptations. I have decided that a size 12 is the right size for me which is what I am, but I still feel as though I could be leaner. This causes dispute between myself and my family and friends but, really, a bit more exercise would probably sort this problem.

My mum goes to 'Keep Fit' where she does aerobics and she loves it. They play current chart hits to get people moving and she's always saying things like 'Ooh we do this one at keep fit' when songs come on the radio. For a while she has encouraged me to join her and my excuse has been my workload for university, but now that final deadlines are looming and I feel on top of my coursework, I will be joining her very soon.

I don't wish to be a size six, I just want to feel better about myself and this is the way to do it =]      

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Night of The Hunter

This is by far my absolute favourite song by 30 Seconds to Mars. The excerpt of French (La Nuit du chasseur) at the very beginning instantly connects me to the music. I love the build up and the complexity of the whole piece. 

I generally name a song which I'm listening to as the title of my blog. The last blog was an exception because (for once) I might not have actually been listening to any. Instead I chose to go on a slight rant about the subject of my essay because it intrigued me.
I am struggling to decide whether or not I work better with music on. It seems to calm me having that familiar sound washing over the room whilst I am structuring an essay.

Two weeks (or so) ago, I spent about four hours in the library and got a huge chunk of one essay completed. The only difference to doing it there was that I couldn't really get away with playing my music. Yes I got a lot of work done because of instant access to all the books I required, but I also came away with a horrendous headache which lasted for almost a full week. It brought about the only Saturday I've ever had where I'd truly wished to God that I'd phoned in sick, it was a bad day. Breaks with friends were the only relief.

 I have decided that I really do depend on music. If I can't have it when it is most needed I fail to operate properly. Hence why, when I lost an iPod a few years back (sob!), I got through two buses to college and back and then went straight to Argos to buy a new one. It enables me to enter my own universe where my thoughts and wishes are mine alone. Thus why I am confused as to why I work well with it, when I need my wits the most... Perhaps silence is the real enemy? 

Monday, 11 April 2011

Language And [my own] Development

I am currently writing an essay for English about the development of English using the English language.

The latter part of that sentence is the bit I like. I love to utilise words. There are so many different combinations but there is never a specific code for success. Having access to such a diverse linguistic tool means that we are quite powerful, we underestimate how utilitarian our language actually is. We take for granted the immense struggle with which many foreign speakers broil to acquire, even a fraction of, what we have.

I have grown to appreciate how the language is viewed elsewhere as a symbol of prestige. I have also discovered just how little we, as a nation, appreciate the tongue we use on a daily basis. What use is English? Where can it get me? The answer to that is just about everywhere. It is a language of mobility.

Now I turn to where it can get me specifically. I have always enjoyed manipulating words to develop my own voice. Having nearly completed a degree centred on both the academic and creative spectrums of English, I can now revel in the skills it has presented me. I want to use these to the best of my ability. I want to take the functions of language and use them for my own purposes. I want it to provide for me, I strive to have it take me beyond the pen and paper and into the world which has been broadened for me with the insight my essay has provided.

I have ambition, and in the words of The Blackout (linked on a blog somewhere in the realms below) Ambition is Critical!