Monday, 11 April 2011

Language And [my own] Development

I am currently writing an essay for English about the development of English using the English language.

The latter part of that sentence is the bit I like. I love to utilise words. There are so many different combinations but there is never a specific code for success. Having access to such a diverse linguistic tool means that we are quite powerful, we underestimate how utilitarian our language actually is. We take for granted the immense struggle with which many foreign speakers broil to acquire, even a fraction of, what we have.

I have grown to appreciate how the language is viewed elsewhere as a symbol of prestige. I have also discovered just how little we, as a nation, appreciate the tongue we use on a daily basis. What use is English? Where can it get me? The answer to that is just about everywhere. It is a language of mobility.

Now I turn to where it can get me specifically. I have always enjoyed manipulating words to develop my own voice. Having nearly completed a degree centred on both the academic and creative spectrums of English, I can now revel in the skills it has presented me. I want to use these to the best of my ability. I want to take the functions of language and use them for my own purposes. I want it to provide for me, I strive to have it take me beyond the pen and paper and into the world which has been broadened for me with the insight my essay has provided.

I have ambition, and in the words of The Blackout (linked on a blog somewhere in the realms below) Ambition is Critical!

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