Monday, 18 April 2011


This song by One Night Only reminds me of a decent period last year in the most ironic of places. I was having a tough time at uni and the only day of the week when I wasn't fretting about it was Saturday. At the moment I work weekends until my deadlines are over and I can find more hours whilst searching for 'a proper job'. I spent a year in the bakery where I enjoyed my job and made some good friends.

The second album from One Night Only came out towards the end of the temporary store. I remember because I used to hear them in the car on the way and hum the songs to myself whilst I stocked up our little aisle at the back. Occasionally I would be caught singing and would proceed to be rather embarrassed. I enjoyed the company and it certainly helped through a time when I felt quite lonely.

This year, I want another positive effect on my life over the summer. I am very keen to start eating properly. In the second year of uni, I was often eating alone and this instilled an attitude where I didn't bother to provide proper meals just for myself. Third year saw three of us sharing food which resulted in a cause to buy decent provisions for the same amount of money, sometimes it was cheaper!

I don't really eat beyond my means. Feeling fit to burst is exactly the opposite of what I want. We have relative sized plates to the amount of food we need which disperses the mental need to fill the plate. I like to take the healthy option but, like everyone, I have my temptations. I have decided that a size 12 is the right size for me which is what I am, but I still feel as though I could be leaner. This causes dispute between myself and my family and friends but, really, a bit more exercise would probably sort this problem.

My mum goes to 'Keep Fit' where she does aerobics and she loves it. They play current chart hits to get people moving and she's always saying things like 'Ooh we do this one at keep fit' when songs come on the radio. For a while she has encouraged me to join her and my excuse has been my workload for university, but now that final deadlines are looming and I feel on top of my coursework, I will be joining her very soon.

I don't wish to be a size six, I just want to feel better about myself and this is the way to do it =]      

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