Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Night of The Hunter

This is by far my absolute favourite song by 30 Seconds to Mars. The excerpt of French (La Nuit du chasseur) at the very beginning instantly connects me to the music. I love the build up and the complexity of the whole piece. 

I generally name a song which I'm listening to as the title of my blog. The last blog was an exception because (for once) I might not have actually been listening to any. Instead I chose to go on a slight rant about the subject of my essay because it intrigued me.
I am struggling to decide whether or not I work better with music on. It seems to calm me having that familiar sound washing over the room whilst I am structuring an essay.

Two weeks (or so) ago, I spent about four hours in the library and got a huge chunk of one essay completed. The only difference to doing it there was that I couldn't really get away with playing my music. Yes I got a lot of work done because of instant access to all the books I required, but I also came away with a horrendous headache which lasted for almost a full week. It brought about the only Saturday I've ever had where I'd truly wished to God that I'd phoned in sick, it was a bad day. Breaks with friends were the only relief.

 I have decided that I really do depend on music. If I can't have it when it is most needed I fail to operate properly. Hence why, when I lost an iPod a few years back (sob!), I got through two buses to college and back and then went straight to Argos to buy a new one. It enables me to enter my own universe where my thoughts and wishes are mine alone. Thus why I am confused as to why I work well with it, when I need my wits the most... Perhaps silence is the real enemy? 


  1. OMG I love that song too thanks to Paul!

  2. It's brilliant isn't it? Has been my ringtone for some time and I still love it =]