Thursday, 21 April 2011

World In Motion

   I was asked by Dan to come back to college today. He was filming for his university project and needed some extras to assist. I met Adele at my bus stop and we jumped on a 37, this was the first time I’ve been able to travel with her. I even forgot to ring Rachel when we got to Swinton because I was too busy talking!

   Outside college, we waited for the two actors. One came from Wigan and the other from Liverpool! The character of 'Ron' had gotten slightly lost but came in due time. It felt really strange walking into college after three years because not a huge amount had changed. Where we used to sit, in the (‘Randomer’) corner of the lobby, they had installed a cash machine!

   We headed to the newer part of college which was outside and through the quad. A few current students stared because we had visitor badges clasped on our pockets. Everyone congregated in the studio where we had filmed our A2 music videos. I was designated to look after the clapperboard and a piece of chalk. Every time there was a new scene and take, I had to mark it on and ‘clap’ before the camera. It would help Adam to edit later on. There came a point when 'Ron' had to rap ‘World in Motion’ by New Order. We were pre warned not to laugh and never made a peep! All considering that it was a middle aged man in a suit from Liverpool doing it, but it really fitted the character. I think it took about six or seven takes to get the words the right way round!

   We were afforded half an hour to get lunch from the canteen. We always used to get the chicken burgers once a week so it seemed only right that we bought them today. I don’t think the woman serving recognised us though! Again, it was quite nostalgic to be eating in college; I kept my eyes open for my brother or cousin but didn’t see them. I had hoped to see my old Film Studies Tutor too. So when Dan and Damon returned from lunch having spoken to him, I was annoyed. This wasn't for long though because he came down to see Adele and I, so we went and spoke to him in the corridor. I’m hoping that I can persuade him to write a blog because the world is missing the outlandish personality that is Ben!

   After filming, I was supposed to fetch Tom from The Trafford Centre but it was an hour or more too early. So, when we returned to the flat this time, we picked up Andy and drove to the shopping mall. This was after scouting clothes from my house for filming the next day. Tom had been asked for a drink by his workmates so the three girls went shopping and Andy joined Tom ASAP.
   I wanted to find something new for Sarah’s meal on Wednesday. Rachel and Adele were sorted in H&M but it wasn’t as simple for me. I only bought a blue hoody. We made it all the way to Debenhams before I was finally spoilt for choice by two tops and one dress in ‘Butterfly’. Much deliberation followed and I finally came away with the simple navy blue dress with sequin detail just on the shoulder. On the way back, I returned the blue hoody to H&M because a tag hadn’t been removed and I was left red faced every time we entered any other store!     

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