Thursday, 21 April 2011

Sarah's Homecoming Meal


   I had stayed the night at Toms' house and we were needed ‘on set’ for 1pm. Today we went to Jess’s house via Salford Precinct for food and a pair of leggings. We walked from the Precinct to drop clothes at the house before heading to the Salford University halls of residence at Castle Irwell. It was really warm and I appreciated the cooling spray which Jess shot up my back! Despite applying sun cream, I later discovered my first patch of sunburn in 2011.

   On the field, Tom was asked to shoot penalties with Dan whilst they filmed in the foreground. I chilled (not literally, unfortunately) by the bags and equipment with Adam. We watched as 'Ron' had to strip out of the suit down to his t-shirt and shorts in an attempt to impress 'Louise.'  I wasn’t expecting this to happen so I was quite surprised. Things seemed to flow easier today and shooting was over relatively quickly despite the sirens, music and lawnmowers that interrupted the sound. These will be layered by a wild track which Sam recorded when things quietened down.
   Later in the afternoon, we took a taxi to the Renaissance Hotel in town and headed towards The Moon under the Water on Deansgate. Sarah had phoned me during my last break at work on Saturday to tell me that she was on her way home for ten days. She has a yearlong placement split between Germany and Spain as part of her university course. She has many plans to fulfil in that short time so we arranged to go for a meal on the following Wednesday.

   We had to wait until seven for Adele to arrive after work. Sarah has a long history of showing up to arrangements over an hour late so, when she was at the train station early, and she arrived at six instead of seven, we were shocked!
   It was customary to begin the drinks with a pitcher of Cheeky V because it’s one of Sarah’s favourites and we finished it quickly. She was poking me throughout my tea to go and buy another one! We tried three cocktails in the end – Cheeky V, Black Magic and Blue Lagoon. Black Magic is actually pink, but I really enjoyed it and will be having it again! We took plenty of pictures and, as I’m writing this on Word because my Internet is down, I haven’t seen them just yet!

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