Thursday, 17 March 2011

Land Of Confusion

I refer here to the Disturbed cover of the Genesis song. I love both and found it rather comical that Mum sang along to this (metal!) version in the car! Anyway, I am currently residing in such a land. I have stuck my neck out and sent my CV to BBC North. During the process I was asked to 'tick all that apply' regarding my knowledge and skills etc... I felt quite overwhelmed by the technical jargon concerning
media production because I prefer (not so traditional) methods from pen and paper to laptops and blogs!

I am hoping that this will direct me somewhere in the regions of PR, advertising and communications which I was relieved to find in such extensive lists. I had help from a University CV adviser to update my CV to 'showcase' my ablilities. I was able to write about university experiences and how they have developed me as a person in terms of applicable interpersonal skills and academic knowledge. I wanted to show that writing is my forte and I hope that this shows through!

I will continue to search out my perfect career. I think I am more clued up about it than I was six months ago and that has enabled me to search in the right places and ask relevant questions. I want to write, I need to use my linguistic competence for pleasure and purpose, I have discovered PR. It is very much the type of thing I need. It would allow me to write, advertise and communicate. I like to spread the word and publicise as much as I can, to do this on a daily basis would be perfect for me!

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