Thursday, 10 March 2011


You Me At Six, what a brilliant way to start a blog =]

I promised myself last week that I would make it home for pancake day. Guess what? I didn't. This was partly because itwas one of the rare weeks where I actually had three days of uni. I didn't see much of a point in going home after class, only to come back next week when I have another three days off.

 (Someone needs to tell me how to turn off 'Overwrite' as I just had to completely retype that last sentence, this will make things very difficult to edit...)

So, anyway, Friday last week is barely worth mentioning if I am honest as it was the usual Friday night in, with the exception that Tom was there of course! I did my 9-6 on Saturday and choked on my lunch whilst arguing that Ewoks are not only for girls. I am no girly girl and you only have to ask my friends to confirm that. It was slightly embarrassing  but I'm sure it will have been forgotten by this week.... Tom picked me up and we had made plans with our friends to go to the AMC cinema.

Unfortunately, Tom has a strange habit of 'spontaneously' arranging cinema visits. I.e. show up at AMC cinema and watch whatever's on. This annoys me though, I find that we end up watching lots of films which we couldn't give a toss about and missing all the good ones just because we were ten minutes late or two hours early. Figures. So, of course, we find nothing of interest on at a decent time and wind up going for drinks, because it's always our back up option.

We left AMC from the back and walked round the GMEX to appear on the street near Deansgate station. Chris had decided he wanted to try Overdraught's latest makeover and go 'Downtown'. As far as I could tell, there was hardly anything different about it. It was very quiet and it played very much the same old. It used to be quite alternative when we started going at 18 but it succumbed to the sheep. I have to say, its rebrand is very much to hide the fact that nothing inside has changed. The lads played pool against two very energetic men who Andy appeared to get quite close to! Adele, Sam and I chatted. We had to instigate the move to City Road Inn because it just wasn't feeling like a Saturday night.

   I resolved whilst in 'Downtown' that I really want to go on a big night out after the final deadlines at Uni. We had some really good nights in college and they seem to have gone by the wayside recently. I wanrt to give 5th Avenue another chance to see if it has returned to it's alternative glory as Number One Indie Experience, I really hope so.

Sunday was work again and the best bit about it was the extra sausage rolls that came back to the counter at the end of the shift. The big managers were in taking a look around and Nicole had been told to put out extra sausage rolls and pasties, to fill up the grab and go section at the front of the store. Of course they didn't all sell and a bag full came back for waste at the end. I think it's a real shame how much food does get wasted because it has 'gone out of date'. We rely too much on specific numbers, if a customer sees something on the shelf that's one day out of date, we are flouting Trade Standards so everything has to go. Pity.
I finished High Fidelity this week, read Nick and Norah's Infinate Playlist and now I'm on Skins The Novel, it's all for uni work! I have got to say that my fiction piece is my favourite deadline to work on and deadlines are all that I have worked on everyday this week. I think I've started everything except for two essays which are due in May. It's all so I can have fun at home over the weekend. Roll on 5pm tomorrow and the cinema trip on Saturday where we are picking a film AND a time! We will get to see a movie!!

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