Thursday, 3 March 2011

Simple Plan

I don't think i've ever written a blog without the aid of music in the background. I don't generally do uni work without music either and I've definitely spent a lot of time with iTunes this past week. It knows me and my friends well.

When Hayley entered my room yesterday it was inadvertently playing Disturbed via my iPod, when Tom is around it goes for The Courteeners etc when I'm here I get a mixed bag of everything. This week hasn't necessarily been much of a mixed bag of anything other than work which I'm now doing for the sake of it. Everyone has deadlines to complete. At the moment, my timetable consists of one full day and one half day. This is for two of three weeks at a time i.e. Monday morning and all day Friday.

We are doing what could be considered as our dissertation. I like this form of dissertation, it is wholly creative with editing input from some of my friends. I seem to have chosen one of my favourite topics again - Manchester. I drop place names like a trail of crumbs around the city. It makes my story realistic, I know my location and it comes across in the story. The idea of 'write what you know' is similar to the analogy by Ben in our film studies exams 'tell me what you know'. It is also a revision technique I was told perhaps a little too late but better late than never, Rachel advised me in future to talk out the subject which I am revising for with a relative or significant other. It probably succeeds in highlighting which areas have a lapse of knowledge. I will encourage this in the future, perhaps with Tom or whoever needs it!

I have kept on top of most of my work, the 'dissertation'  of 5,000 words has 445 words over its' limit which does allow 10% extra. My poems have been handed in today, my presentation is ready to give tomorrow and I have been reading Communicating Sexuality materials to find information which I can use to analyse a piece by Scott Kiesling. The benefits of Ormskirk are that you can get your essentials very easily but there is little to distract you other than Facebook, though I did travel to Hayley's yesterday via the town to chill out.

Chilling out involved playing with Abi's iPad which was rather fun. I was able to watch Ambition is Critical (see previous blog) on a decent sized screen whilst relaxing on the bean bag chair! Hayley reckons that the infamous bean bag chair will have to be disposed of at the end of the year due to limited space at home, it's a sad thought...

Today offered little excitement, I met Paul, handed in my assignment and chatted  with Mark in the LRC for a bit. It also included a hoovering of my room and more reading of Communicating Sexuality. I am considering returning home to Manchester after class on Tuesday next week, 1) it's pancake day at some point 2) I like to see my family (and friends if possible). Yesterday I missed Sarah's homecoming from Germany and now she's off to Spain! I am thoroughly annoyed that I didn't go home for it and hope she had a good time out with people last night. I did see most of my friends on Saturday though for Dan's 21st. I really enjoyed it and made a new little friend as well as catching up with old ones and people who I've not seen for quite some time!

The weekend ahead involves work on Saturday and Sunday but it's all part of what enables me to get out and about, it will be a quiet one but I don't really mind! =]

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