Thursday, 4 March 2010

Psychopath parks at a supermarket

As a creative writing student at Edge Hill University, I am taking up blogging as an outlet and an opportunity to hone my writing skills. My name is Kirsty and I am currently living under the illusion that I am a teenager and instead of twenty, I am in fact twenteen! This is the joke used by all of my friends on the turning of their second decade in this world. We are extremely good at kidding ourselves that we are still the innocent youth we once were, when we know that this is by no means true. God knows what we'll do when the big 21 comes around.

Last night, we had a visiting writer in the form of Jen Ashworth. My course friends accompanied me to The Rose Theatre for the compulsory event. However, it felt anything but compulsory. I really enjoyed the writing style of the first person narrator. Jen read some excerpts from the beginning and chapter 13 in particular because it was a self confessed favourite of hers. I found the first person narrator very intriguing, as she was witty and I could relate to some of the domestic situations she was describing. Microwaveable meals are a particular favourite of cash-strapped students eating for one. It was enlightening how the circumstances rang true, despite how different the life of the main character was from my own.

Following the reading, in true student style, we hit the pub. The Buck In'th Vine in Ormskirk is a favoured meeting place for students and teachers following readings. The tradition is yet to be broken as we queued to the bar, then followed through to a rather dark corner at the back of the pub. We took to reading some material from a friend and chatting about anything and everything. The idea of a blog sprang to mind at this point, hence this first post for almost a year. I'll also be keeping posted on the progression of a possible new publishing venture. We are considering creating a blog for writers to submit work to, it could indeed be an extention of this very page.

4th March, Jen was back. We had a seminar split between our usual tutor and Jen. We did a very useful exercise which, in future, will surely cure writer's block! We were given a type of character and a domestic action to perform. Mine was a psychopath parks at a supermarket, the bare bones are down, but it may just turn into a very intriguing story in the near future. Tonight, I plan to start reading my signed copy of A Kind Of Intimacy by Jen Ashworth!!


  1. Jenn is pretty cool. Follow her blog! Like the psychopath idea too, you need to send me it! Have you read more blog yet?

  2. My blog.....mmm I so need to learn how to spell!