Sunday, 1 May 2011

Enter Sandman

I have been away for the last week, keep reading down. Here are my exploits... 

Tuesday 26/04/11

We visited the much publicised Sand Exhibition today. This came after mooching around the town itself. I found an Animal shop and, because they are so rare at home, I had to buy a t-shirt! It is my favourite shade of blue!
  My parents keep trying to get me to remember the town, this is bearing in mind that I haven't visited since I was six... However, I do remember image of a white horse which is on the hill near Osmington. I don't remember the pub which sits down below and just off the main road.

The Smugglers Inn

Or the sign on their car park below...

''lesser cars will be clamped" !!!
The sand exhibition is still quite small with apparent plans for expansion. However, I really enjoyed examining the sculptures of castles, pirates, ships and dinosaurs. They were all as tall as double decker buses and, all together, consisted of 75 tonnes of sand! It amazed me how intricate the detail was and how the damsel in the boat (below) or the waterfall (which ran from the very top of the castle sculpture to the bottom) didn't collapse.

Mum and Me in the Sand Exhibition
Monday 25/04/11

We spent five hours in the car today. I was reluctant to get out of bed when Dad came into my room at 6.30am. Despite this, my iPod kept me company whilst I had my eyes out for Volkswagen camper vans. We spotted six or seven but no splitties!

On the campsite, I'm not impressed with how the caravans are crowded together like some kind of military field. I hoped we wouldn't stay on site very often. 

That night we did a quiz in the bar. It was interactive with video clips and video mashups. I think only one team got a higher score than us on our side of the room. We were glad because the winners on each side had to do a deciding round on stage... The last time we let Dad on the stage was in Devon and he had to sing 'Teenager in Love'... oh dear.

We planned on going back to the 'The Smugglers Inn' for tea. It was a little pricey but I enjoyed my scampi, especially because it came with an ample amount of tartar sauce! 

And, because they never get any recognition (apparently) Dad took this:

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