Monday, 4 July 2011

Return of The Mac (to 5th Avenue!)

Having only dealt with Apple Mac computers for a short while in high school, when they were multicoloured and that was all that mattered to me, it has been fun using one for knives forks and spoons press. We use iWorks to typeset our chapbooks and perfect bounds. I am getting the hang of it considering that I have used Windows exclusively since about 1999.

I am capable of producing both types of publications and now I'm heading into the PR side of things! This is the kind of work I truly anticipated to benefit my sought after career path. I maintain the website, by adding new releases and I am involved in the pull-marketing strategy, which entails using Facebook, Twitter and a Blog to promote KF&S products. I have also been involved in sourcing leads at institutions to make bulk sales to libraries in America, the United Kingdom and Belgium.

A medium which I think may benefit the Press comes in the recorded format. I like the idea of having electronic copies of the chapbooks available which you could either read as a PDF on iBooks for example, or hear as an audiobook bought from the likes of iTunes or Amazon. It could be a new avenue which poets can choose to submit readings of their works in the attachment of the email which also holds their written submissions. I have seen software which comes equipped with these possibilities but the obvious drawback for smaller businesses is the cost of it.

For my final poetry coursework, I submitted poetry on CDs which had the poems written on the discs themselves as well as recorded. To make my recordings, I simply read into my iPod microphone and emailed the clips to myself to burn to disk. It could be as simple as that. We'll see.

I am also in the process of searching out jobs and considering where else I can undertake voluntary work in the meantime. I hope to lead myself in the direction I need. I have two companies in mind who I would like to contact after doing some research on both. This will probably be my task for the dinner breaks of the next few days.

On a more social note, I have had a pretty busy weekend. On Saturday, I was informally interviewed for a potential store move with work. My ex manager met me and we chatted about hours almost immediately because he has worked with me previously on the department I requested. I doubt that the move would be worth it because they are working on the basis of shorter shifts over more days and I would rather work full days.

My shift started after the talk. It was running as normal until 4pm, when we got a little short staffed, i.e. just me. Luckily, next week I will have a co-worker until 7pm again as I just managed to get everything clean and packed up in time. An hour later, I was getting ready to go out again.

We planned a night out to Manchester over the week. I had decided that it had been too long since everyone went out together and chose our old stomping ground - 5th Avenue. Aside from a 50% increase on cloakroom charges, the prices were still in student regions. A new bar has been installed next to the cloakroom which brings the total to 3, a sound example of money going to good use - less queuing time. The clientele may have altered a little due to the closure of two clubs elsewhere in the city, but I was still ecstatic when I heard the opening bars of Green Days' 'American Idiot' and such like! The end came a little too quickly for me!

Sunday morning and I was extremely tired. Still, we found ourselves visiting Toms' grandparents and on to the Barton Aerodrome. There was an Aviation family fun day where we picnicked next to the airfield and watched the planes landing metres in front of us. This was accompanied by a fairground, air balloon rides, archery, a car boot sale and birds of prey. I am a lover and owls and took the opportunity to have my picture taken with one. I have yet to see the photograph because the battery on the camera died straight after.

It didn't end there, the next stop was the Trafford Centre. Toms' attitude was, more or less, get in to get out. This was mainly down to the fact that we were visiting his place of work, so that his parents could buy a six man tent. Tom reckons this is down to the need for extra storage when camping, I wonder if there are other ideas circulating too. The new Wetherspoons was the last port of call in there. The Mardi-Gras is equipped with many of the dramatic masks to be expected and also, to remind us where we are (just in case), there are street signs behind the bar for Deansgate, Market Street and Old Trafford. My pint of lemonade was much appreciated as we did our best to win on the interactive Pub Quiz. I am yet to prosper though Tom has won before.       

When we finally got back to my home, we were decidedly knackered. The plan had been to go to a BBQ at a friends' house but, due to the fact that it was a Sunday and buses are very awkward (especially when you plan on taking two), we were tired and it was also getting late, we decided against it. Instead, we made our own tea, hopped a lift (via Stretford) to Cadishead and effectively fell asleep. Phew.

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