Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Satan's Hollow

It's always nice to go somewhere new, it makes a change from the same old and is usually much more memorable. After work last week I went to an 18th birthday celebration. It was great to chat to my auntie and uncle etc who I haven't seen for quite a few months due to a hectic work schedule. I was really enjoying chilling out with them, but as I had promised to go to town with friends after my previous weekend away, I had to leave after being there for only an hour. Mum was very kind to drop me at the bus stop.

Many people, when I told them where I was going, asked where it was. For once, I didn't have the slightest clue. I met friends at Picadilly in Manchester as usual but then assumed sheep position behind Tom and Chris. They lead us down towards Yates before veering off to a side street. The odd bunch forming a queue alongside the building were my indication that this was where we were headed. At this moment, despite having spent a good twenty minutes on Piccadilly surrounded by cash machines, Tom decided he had no money. On our return from RBS, we still had a good 20 minutes or so of waiting. It turned out that there was a gig finishing up inside.

Entering the building, we were in a corridor lined with gambling machines which lead us past a locked set of doors to a main room. In the centre of the club there was a raised railed area. At this point there was a band playing some form of 60's music, a theme which continued til long after they had vacated the stage. Whilst they cleared the area, we had a look around. There were two bars, one near the door which we visited first; no cheap stuff, just blue WKD and Smirnoff for £2.80 a bottle. Good thing I wasn't looking to become paralytic. The DJ box was shrouded by a towering Satan with his arms streched along the walls. In the corner of the room was a 'mortuary', i.e. a raised platform lined with benches and I found myself a nice pillar to perch on whilst observing the crowd. The branches of the 'trees' above me glinted as they were decorated with fairy lights which dangled above.

There was a strange selection of people scattered about the room. This is why I love these places, no two people look the same; they embrace individuality presenting an interesting aesthetic for those like me. I didn't fail to notice an intriguing barman in a Misfits t-shirt which Del found amusing. I also spotted a face which looked strangely familiar...

The second room opened its doors, and, as the 60's music hadn't yet relented and was getting slightly tedious, we decided to investigate. We were greeted by the likes of Head Automatica, The Used, Lostprophets, Fall Out Boy and Disturbed. I liked it. This room held it's own in terms of intricate design. Skulls were embedded around the ceiling and branches gnarled their way across.

The familiar face was back and it turned out that he was with a girl from college and her boyfriend. We all pretty much kept as a group with one half leading the other between the main room and the smaller one. The music wasn't quite what we're used to on a night out, I thoroughly enjoyed the change but it took its toll on Tom and even Rachel, who are more used to the likes of The Venue and 42's. I really enjoyed the music, Adele and Andy are slightly more into rock rather than indie so they enjoyed the likes of Drowning Pool and Metallica.

I was right to ponder over the guy; when Andy introduced him as Charlie, it clicked into place. One of my high school friends had dated his brother and he went to my primary school too. Strange how faces you may not encounter often can stick with you. I hope we visit Satan's again soon, new places are always an adventure because you don't always know what to expect!

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