Thursday, 6 May 2010

'I'm ambidextrous when it comes to strangling people' (Shan, D; 2010)

As my title may suggest, there is a man of many talents in our midst. A month or so ago, May was inconceivable as a time where I could enjoy myself. That said, only the first 12 days were foreseen as a murky mess of deadlines and stress

Yesterday, after posting uni work, we scoured the shops of Ormskirk, calling more specifically at WH Smiths and Waterstones to compare the prices of The Thin Executioner.

The Thin Executioner is the first instalment of a new series by author Darren Shan. When I was ten years old, I read his vampire series and loved them. I still have all 12 books lined in order on my bookshelf. I also have the first few of The Demonata series which regrettably I still haven't managed to read. Yesterday, though I still felt particularly ravaged by my cold, we set out in the rain to the train station. On our last visit to Liverpool we had discovered a leaflet in the pages of a Shan book advertising a signing. We decided we really must take this opportunity, and now I am so glad we did.

We wandered through the streets yielding umbrella's to ward off the grey skies; there wasn't much I could do to combat the cold; such adverse conditions to only the day before. We allowed Paul to nosy around Top Man and Primark before heading to the bookshop. We still had an hour and a half to kill and decided to sit in illy enjoying a hot chocolate, which apparently had been a popular choice with the punters that day. Once we had finished, we bought our books and joined a slowly forming queue.

Yes, they were mainly high school students, but I had been that age whilst reading the series. I also learnt whilst waiting that there is an adult series by Shan and his vampire books have been converted to manga too. We waited for forty minutes before the author arrived and a further twenty until we saw him. He was obliging and signed every single book which was placed in front of him. There were even those who presented him with his entire back catalogue! Hayley and I noticed Shan posing with his hands clasped around the throats of his ‘victims’. We were amused by this stance and as we were visiting him in a pair, I jokingly asked which one of us was going to be subject to his strangulation. He replied coolly, ‘I am ambidextrous when it comes to strangling people’, which I found particularly funny. So he managed to strangle both of us whilst looking pleased with his efforts.

Our books were signed, each with a personal message and sweeping signature. Hayley, for some reason, was jealous that I had a smiley face drawn in mine. The signatures themselves look rather prominent as they are written on a black page in silver marker pen. Signed and dated, a nice reminder of an author who encapsulated my mind in younger years inspiring my love for reading, and especially writing!

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  1. love it lol. Photos look good too. Glad you thought it was worth it as well and yes I'm highly jealous of the smiley face!!!!!!!