Thursday, 27 January 2011


I plan to update my blog on a regular basis in the coming months. Currently I am keeping myself busy with uni work and, since I haven't updated since May (where on earth has that time gone???), I now have a boyfriend to balance alongside Uni, friends, family and my part time job.

It's tough keeping it all together and getting to see everyone. I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel but where exactly it will take me I am not entirely sure. After this semester I will be plunged into the world of employment (hopefully!!) even if that means taking on any available extra hours at the job I already have. I will use the time, and there will probably be plenty of it, looking for work experience, projects to take part in and also, essentially, looking for a full time position. I'd like to think that I have worked my last Christmas in a supermarket but I won't know for sure until Christmas Eve THIS year. I will not leave the job I have held since 2006 until I know for sure that I can support myself without it.

I do know that in June this year, I have secured myself some work experience at an independent publishers on a voluntary basis. It will give me a real insight into the world of chapbooks - typesetting manuscripts and also being involved in the merchandising of them at readings etc! Travelling there is a horror to be discovered another day, considering that I cannot drive or afford to.... Trains seem to like the idea of sending me into Manchester to come back out again, which is a route I'd rather avoid early on a weekday morning. There WILL be a solution, I just need to find it!

Like anything... there will be a way! Do anything and everything to keep myself busy - that's my plan for the coming months and we'll just see what comes of it!

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