Sunday, 30 January 2011

Mirrors - Idlewild

The name of this blog is literally a song I was listening to tonight. It reminded me of an exercise last week in Uni where we had to come up with a poetic slur to write on a mirror. Some were rather witty and I had a pop at one or two myself. I took the simple idea that everything you see in a mirror is backwards and literally turned that on its head, some of them may be posted at a later date, we'll see.

The date is set for my work experience but my travel arrangements are still sporadic... There are a few ways to get where I need to go but I've also investigated the cost. It seems as though extra shifts at work (which I wanted to get anyway) are going to be necessary to fund transport which will, in total, cost me about £10 a day for 3 days a week... My current earnings of around £50 a week are not going to cut it. This also means that work itself has to pick up because it doesn't seem too likely that shifts are going to be flying my way.

I have a few months to work these things out so we'll just see how it goes. The weeks are ticking down to the end of the semester and my university 'experience'. It's been a learning curve, it's been a wobbly ride if i'm honest but I've made some amazing friends at the same time who I hope to still see on a regular basis! I realise we're only at the beginning of week 3 but it does seem to fly by!

it's 10;45pm and I'm quite tired out. Friday was a chill out with a film and Saturday was a hectic shift for the most part. It's strange how it can fluctuate between having nothing and then, suddenly, everything to do! Still, I managed to meet with a friend for BOTH my breaks which is a rarity in such a massive workplace! Mooching into an Irish bar in Manchester last night was interesting, especially when the live band we watched included a cousin of Rachel's.

We were back in Manchester again this afternoon, Tom's highlight of the day? Possibly buying his first ever iPod which is the same as mine in every way except that it has about 4 times as much space on it. This is a fact he is enjoying relaying on a regular basis, we'll see if the novelty has worn off at the end of this week...

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