Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Sweet Disposition

Temper Trap. That is what my blog could begin to be if I'm not careful. I could easily come on here to rant voicelessly about things that go wrong. That is interesting in essence but could become quite tiresome for everyone involved. I don't want to create such an impression of myself that everything I post is based on something which angers me. I know I have done this in the past.

This is more about the effect which childish actions have on other people. A 21st birthday is cause for celebration. It is a time to have fun with those who matter to you. This particular day is certainly not an excuse for things to be spoilt.

Returning to uni this week I expected to find a mess in a kitchen which witnessed a party the night before. I was extremely suprised to find that this was not the case. I also didn't come to realise that things hadn't gone entirely smoothly. I sat in the living room talking to my housemate. I thought it was a little odd that Kelly was supposed to be coming back and I saw nothing of her until the following afternoon. When I entered her room, she explained to me that over the weekend there had been an incident on the night of the party.

Basically, Janet had all her friends over before they went out to Liverpool. They had food set out and a birthday cake specially for the birthday girl with her picture on. A housemate brought some of his friends over too but it didn't seem like such a problem until the party returned from a night on the town. They entered to find that the food they left had been eaten and that the cake had been mutilated. Janet was very upset and her boyfriends sister flew up the stairs to the housemates room. She banged on his door so loud that it rattled on its hinges but he never responded; they knew he was in there.

It is now Wednesday and as of yet, no appology has been offered to Janet. I don't understand what can possess someone to do such a thing. According to a source, the housemates friends had begun the destruction of the cake but he did nothing to stop them and joined in. For some insane reason they believed this was funny. I seriously cannot understand what causes people to do such things.

On a lighter note, I have completed a draft of story one for Writer's workshop. I have received a 2:1 in an English module overall which I am very pleased with and I have another day off tomorrow with very little uni work I am able to start yet; on week 3 of the semester!

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  1. Awww that's really sad about Janet's cake, young men really have no manners these days. I hope he does something to make it up to her!