Thursday, 10 February 2011

'Run infront of your shadow' Perelman 1947

If only I had Dan mithering me for blogs for the last two years I may have remembered to post more often! Anyway, apparently I haven't given much information about my work experience. I can't remember much of what I've already mentioned but it was a cause to travel home on a Tuesday afternoon two weeks ago. I spent two hours waiting on a tutor to sort out module changes so it slowed me down a bit but I was home for 4pm. I spent that night pouring over the chapbooks I had bought from Knives Forks and Spoons Press and panicking just a little bit which is something I do way too often.

The next morning I made my way to Newton to meet Alec. I had a Google Street View image of the street so that I knew where to go, though it turns out that it was an image of completely the wrong house. Useful then that I had a good old fashioned address to refer to.

We had a chat in the workshop. Being an independent press, these tend to be small set ups. Everything needed was present. I was shown the different printers etc and the Mac where manuscripts are edited. In emails prior to the visit I was told that all my editorial work will be published which is brilliant for me. It's going to be a stepping stone hopefully in the right direction.

With the position being volountary obviously I won't be paid. Initially that was a problem because it's looking like it's going to be expensive and this was my only issue with earning just £50 ish a week on a part time job. BUT! Thanks to a strangely timed installment of university grant, I am going to use it as my travel fund which makes this so much better!

I can make my way via Eccles or Manchester Oxford Road. I may be going from living away at Uni to spending 3 days a week in Cadishead with Tom.... and that's fine with me! I felt on Saturday as if I'd returned to uni. On my break at work I found myself grammar checking a teaching CV for Greg's sister, copy editing is always a route I can take I guess!

NB. The quote naming this blog was taken from Poets For The Millenium at some point last Friday afternoon!

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  1. that is awesome should really help you take a step forward :D